Here is an Indian style Living Room with low budget. We used minimum low cost furniture for sitting 6-8 people.  Wooden sofa with cushion gives a traditional Indian look. Maximum 3 people can sit on this. You can add 2 to 3 small square pillows to get the attraction and comfort sitting. You can choose the color according to the color of your living room. White or cream color sofa will match for light colors theme.

One more 3 seater sofa is added here for comfortable long time sitting. It will be better if you are using same color as wooden sofa. You can use some pillows also with this sofa.

There are two side table placed on both side of the sofa. It will gives an elegant look and also you can keep photo frames and flowers on it. This will cost around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000. Center table is little big as compared to normal tea tables. You can get it easily from amzon or other online stores. A brown color carpet is also placed below the center table. This bright color carpet will looks good on this theme. A two seater


Wooden Sofa


S D FURNITURE 3 Seater Sofa Set (Wood ,Honey Finish)




Price : Rs 16,499



White Sofa

Cooper 3 Seater Sofa in Peal White Colour


Glass Vases

Stylish and decorative glass vases of top brands are available in many online shopping sites. The price ranges from 100 rs to more than 10000. If you are interested in vases which can hold plant cutting will keep the living cozy. You can also try vases which can be made by house hold reusable items.

Price : Rs 399




Chandeliers are now available not only in glass or crystal but it is available in wood, metal or a combination of these metals. These are hanging LED lights with Bluetooth system connect and sometimes with playing songs. Some come with single bulb and many are branched ornamental light fixtures.


Price : Rs 1999



Painting for living room also play a major role in decoration. Always use painting which brings peace of mind when anyone looks at them. Scenes like group of running horses, laughing children, flowers, waterfalls, mountain, sunrise with ocean, sea will make living room positive. Never keep painting of lonely birds, animals, crying kids in living room. Some believe that pine tree , laughing Buddha in living room bring positive vibes.



Price : Rs 499




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