Small Balcony Design

Now almost all low cost flats are coming with small size balcony. Here we will give some ideas to design your small balcony very impressive. Use minimum small furniture’s will give a nice  spacious look.

Artificial Grass

Using artificial grass will give your garden effect for your balcony. Overall looks of your balcony will change with a minimum budget. You easily  get the arterial grass from a local store or Amazon Online with different sizes as per your requirement. First you need to measure the width and length of your balcony. Then you can place the order from amazon. There are different types of artificial grass are available in the market. Some of the artificial grass available on amazon online store are given below you can choose as per your requirement.

artificial grass

artificial grass for small balcony


Small Coffee Table

A 2 seater small coffee table will give you an elegant look for your balcony. Also you can sit and have cup of tea on balcony in the morning will fresh your mind. You can get the small coffee table with chair around Rs. 7000 from amazon. Here you can see some of the model available now.


1) Mamta Decoration Sheesham Wood Foldable Patio Dining Set for Balcony Garden and Outdoor



Price : Rs. 7299



2) Home furniture Wooden Patio Dining Set Foldable


Price : Rs. 10299


Hanging Chairs

Hanging chair in the balcony will give you relaxing place. As per the size of your balcony you can choose different models. If width of your balcony is more than 6 feet then you can choose hanging chair with stand model. You can directly place this in your balcony, no need to drill the ceiling. You can also move this type of hanging chair anywhere in your home.It will cost you around Rs 12000. Here is some models available on amazon.


1) Carry Bird Swing Chair with Stand




2) Furniture Kart Swing Chair with Stand



Price : Rs. 11498



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